My New Years Prayer

As the new year approaches lord I ask you to continue to be with me and my family and friends. Lord I ask you to help me pass this CDL class. I also ask you to help me learn how to love again. Its been so long since I can truly say that I love some one. I ask you lord to protect my children from seen and unseen dangers. as they go off to school and out to play that you will guide them to always to right even when it seems wrong or uncool. lord I ask you to bless my other half to do better this year. to help him open his eyes to other things other than playing video games and not caring about him self and his future.  Lord I also ask you that you give the courage to be alone to learn how not to need a man who is codependent on others and not you and himself. Lord I want to be free of all my failures of the past. As I move forward I believe in my heart that you have forgiven me and its time for me to move on. I thank you lord for all the blessings that you give to me and my family and friends each and every year, But lord if I may be needy this year I ask that you shelter me from all evil and negativity that may come my way. lord that you will provide me with all the means of being successful in 2017 and beyond lol. Thank lord and I love you with all my soul . Lord I ask you for this and all the other blessings in your Son Jesus’s name  Amen .


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