Yeahhhh me so happy

When we are younger we told by our teachers and mentors that we can do what ever we want we can do what ever we like how ever as long as we follow the rules of this thing called life and get and education right you following me then as we grow some of us have fucked up likes with fucked up parents and real life hits us sooner and faster than most so now what do we say to a young lady who has no mother or Friday who has no postive role models who has to work and go to school and still be home to be a mother to her other siblings what now when a young man dont have a father or a maile figure to guide them through purity uh what are they supposed to do when everything the men on the block becomes more and more of a reality when school becomes a choice not a priority ill tell you we have to look to god we have to look to school we have to look for the postive in everything thats what im living proof that it can be done with hard work and love and a great support system im so very happy that god has placed great people in my circle it not easy but as a way to pay others back we have to learn to help those who ask those who are trying those who fall but still get back up life is like forest gump said in his famous movie life is life a box of chocolates you never know what you are going to get 


2 thoughts on “Yeahhhh me so happy

  1. The thing I hated about being young is that it sucked so bad! Life just keeps getting better and better and better after that.
    It’s so nice when you make your parents proud and then your kids make you proud.
    Better and better.

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