I confused Help!

When you have gone through dysfunctional. Things in life sometimes its hard to part from them right so tell me why when you feel like you have over come those skeletons in your closet people keep wanting to be able to fit in to what you use to be im not who people want or need me to be im Lashonda i love me why cant everyone else do the same it was hard to build up this confidence in myself just to let others or some one tear it down i love me always im all i have i was hart to leave my past behind me i dont want to feel that loneiness any more but what do you pick happiness or face the truth that you have issues that you have problems with trust that you have problems with love that it hurts everytime some one things im crazy or says it im only me please people please i cant be no one else nor do i want to be i was born to win not lose


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