Moveing on is so bittersweet 

Learning to love again is so complicated im finding it even more harder when i dont know what is expected of me and how to deal with my attitude. And others attitude i dont know how to deal with bullshit im not complaining i god is my everything im not so tried of lashonda getting in the way of gods work 



Beside every good man there is a good women means so.much mote to me now than evwr before i got a good man wow thanks god he is the truth thats whats up im so proud to have a man appreciate. Me ans respect me for the women i habe grown to be awwwww what a great feeling 

Forest gump

Forest gump said it better life is like a box of chocolates you never know what your going to get. That how i feel about my life right now it the right place at the right time and im so ready to try this and to try that i mean my man keeps telling me we only die one and we live every day so hey there we have it keep you head up like tupac said you have too and god rounds it up best we can do all things through christ who strenghten me nighttttt 

Let the church say amen 

It feels so good to be in the spirit of the lord his love is so real and true im so glad that god loves me i thank him for all the things i am doing on this day i thank him for his love upon my life 😄👍🌹🌷 i feel so up lifted hallelujah to god be all the glory 

Change is so bitter sweet

Change its that four lettered  word that so many are scared of im always Lashonda i change my surrounding and better my financial problem get a fucking identity now every fucking body has one for me now every one cares who im dateing who im around who i spend my time with uhh i so fucking tried of fake ass people who keep trying to tell me what and who to do if they always knew what was best for me than why didnt they invest in me why didnt they help me uhhh im hurting deep down in side it hurts to be black mailed day in and day out its like that movie called ground hog day when he woke up and everyday was ground hog day well i dont a life like that i want a life like 50 first dates where every day is an adventure and people care about me and my feelings and want me to remember the good days and the bad 

We all need one 

Ladies we all need one we all night a superman in our lives we as women are super women all the time we want to do everything we want everything right we want to control this and control that we me especially me are learning to let my hair done and let my superman take over and be superior over all that rains in his home im ready to let him be the head and ill be the neck as he would say lol god is so good and i want to give him all the glory and all the honor and all the praise to god you deserve it you deserve it and thanks for loveing and careing enough lord to want the best for me even when i didnt know what it felt or looked like