I did that 

I did my first see i  weave last night I still have a lot to learn but i didnt give up and i feel like it came out well 

I love you princess 


Relationship problems 

Question why does my man always want to be right? Like come on man you don’t know every fucking thing ! Please give me some feed back I’m doing my best to fall back and just be the women of this relationship but it’s so difficult 😠😠😠😠😠

We family now 

Over the Hoildays I got to see a lot of family I’m do proud to be into great families I have the best of both worlds thanks to my heavenly father I give you all the glory thanks to all my family and friend thanks for never giving up on me 

Happy New year 

It’s 2018! WOW! LIFE has been going to rapidly  lately for me. SLOW DOWN Lashonda. I’m so proud of myself I just want to remind everyone to slow down and appreciate  your support. I know I know it gets crazy thanksgiving Christmas new years and now black history month and valentines day ……. Yes so I get it but send out a text a call a letter and that is and love those we make you able to do all the robot things that you are able to do 

This is so wrong 

Im so unhappy with my self right now i can only blame my self for how i feel i left a job thinking i was going to a better job to only found out i was going to take my dream job to now not have gas the insurance or the money to pay my bills and fathers day anf my sons birthday is all coming up and i have nothing to gibe anyone i feel so down im not a quitter im worse im a loser i hate me so much right now i should of could of man what the fuck ever im so over my fucked up life im dont want to die i just want peace and a job that is worth my time and some where i can be me at the same time do my work and go home like the. Saying you know feeld like i never worked a day in my life when i wonder why we there is only one answer why not me