Tick Tick Tick Time is whineing up 

Just seven more days and ill be takeing my road test im so proud of myself and for those out there who think they cant cause of what others have told you whether its family or friends or yourself just know Jesus on the main line tell him what you want and he got it love yourself always and put god first in all things not some thats where we go wrong put him first in all things 

I love me some Lashonda 

Im so proud of Lashonda she graduated todag from her cdl class to day can all my bloggers out there give her two thumbs up she is a great mother a great aunt and a great friend to all who befriend her so give her a big shout out love you girl and keep up the good work 


WELL it that time of the year again when we treasure and do something wonderfully nice for our loved ones and now is also the time to love god he is the only person who loves us all year around 365 days a year no matter if we down or up he loves us so as we remember Valintines Day alsi remember god and the blood he shown for us all to have eternal life 


I was wondering 

Who gave people the right to judge you i throught it was god who has that right not man him self 

Who cares how you feel i feel lost i feel scared i feel unloved i feel misunderstood i feel guilty blah blah blah who cares how you feel

Im bold and never scared im fierce and untouchable i soar like and eagle and take what is rightfully mine mine mine mine give it all to meeeeee

Im proud of me im happy with me get to the back review where you belong you need to cut it out and respect that im me and your you and no matter what you sayyy no body cares blah blah blah 

You make it seem fair with your shenanigans and lies and judgmental ways boy bye go get a life go make some else day. Cause my day is already filled to the limit of running over with positive joyful throughts my mind is at peace

So world just one im doing what i want doing what i need if trump can i can America wake the hell up and stop judgeing and be apart of the change instead of the problem with the change 

Women everywhere just know we have the power to overcome and change the world heyyy withmiddle fingers up unchangeing people bye